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AP 3700 - Winter Backcountry Travel
Credits: 3
An advanced outdoor technical skill course focusing on techniques and procedures to conduct winter backcountry expeditions. Students plan, organize, and participate in a wilderness trip lasting 6 days. Topics include: equipment selection; winter traveling and camping skills; risk management strategies in winter environment; snowshoes and backcountry ski traveling techniques; building snow shelters; building and using a snow sled; winter expedition trip planning. Students are required to provide proper clothing and personal gear for winter backcountry travel. Additional course fee required. Winterim of even years. Prerequisite(s): AP 2210, (AP 3100 or AP 3101 or AP 3109), (AP 3300 or AP 3301 or AP 3309), and (AP 3400 or AP 3401 or AP 3409 or current WFR).

*All course information is from the 2013-2014 Catalog.