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Credits: 6
This is a pass/fail course
This clinical capstone course provides experience as a nursing leader to direct the provision of quality health care by interdisciplinary teams. These clinical experiences promote decision-making skills, managerial skills within health care organizations, implementation of quality control methods, and the application of research in nursing practice. Integration and application of knowledge from multiple disciplines (e.g., biology, psychology, sociology, technology) are required for effective patient care. Focuses on transition to the professional nursing role, recognizing the organizational, social, political, economic, ethical, and legal context in which interdisciplinary healthcare is delivered in acute and/or community clinical settings. Contracts are completed with preceptors as mentors. Pass/No Pass. Additional course fee required. Springs. Prerequisite(s): Pre-Licensure Nursing Majors only.

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.