Course Details

Biology, Bachelor of Arts

120 credits

The BA program in Biology is a broad overview of the principles of biology and the functions of biological systems with supportive courses in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. It can be used to fulfill the goals of students just interested in biology or those who plan to go on to professional programs or graduate degrees in the biological sciences. For the latter case, it should be noted that some professional/graduate schools require a full year each of organic chemistry, physics, and calculus; this program is less restrictive. Thus students should work closely with their academic advisor to plan their coursework.

Degree Requirements


BI 1110 Biological Science I (TECO) 4
BI 1120 Biological Science II 4
BI 3060 Genetics 4
BI 3130 Evolution 4
BI 3240 Conservation (DICO) (GACO) (INCO) 3
BI 4960 Biology Seminar 1
BI 2000 level Biology electives [ not BIDI] 0-8
BI 3000/4000 level Biology electives [ not BIDI] 16-8
Writing in the Discipline Connection - BI 3000/4000 level Biology elective (WRCO) [not BIDI] 4
CH 1050 Laboratory Safety 1
CH 2335 General Chemistry I (QRCO) 4
CH 2340 General Chemistry II 4
Physical Science Group - complete four credits: 4
CH 3370 Organic Chemistry I
PH 2130 Physics I
PH 2410 University Physics I and
PH 2430 University Physics Laboratory I
Mathematics Foundations - complete one of the following: 4
MA 2140 Precalculus (MATH)
MA 2490 Applied Calculus I (MATH)
MA 2550 Calculus I (MATH)
General Education:
EN 1200 Composition 3
IS 1111 The First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking and the Nature of Inquiry 3
CTDI Creative Thought Directions 6
PPDI Past and Present Directions 6
SSDI Self and Society Directions 6
WECO Wellness Connection 3
Foreign Language (GACO) 8
Electives 28

The foreign language requirement for all BA degrees calls for 0-8 credits: one year of one language (6-8 credits); or one 3000/4000 level world language course (3 credits); or being a native speaker of a language other than English (zero credit). American Sign Language I and II fulfill this requirement; however, American Sign Language does not satisfy the Global Awareness Connection.

*All course information is from the 2013-2014 Catalog.