Computer Science and Information Technology

Charles E. Brown Applied Computer Science Scholarship

The Charles E. Brown Endowed Fund provides a scholarship for a student majoring in applied computer science. The scholarship award, based on academic excellence, will be granted to a full-time student in their senior year at Plymouth State University. Award recipients will be selected by a committee composed of the computer science department faculty and chair. No application process is required.

Elaine Gail Vaillant Brown ’68 Scholarship

This endowment honors the memory of Elaine Gail Vaillant Brown and provides a scholarship annually to a student majoring in information technology in the computer science department at Plymouth State.  The recipient shall be a junior year student, with the award being used for his/her senior year’s tuition.  Faculty of the computer science department will vote to determine the recipient’s name, based upon academic achievement as defined by the department. No application process is required.

Gary David Johnson Memorial Scholarship

This endowment honors Gary David Johnson and, in his memory, funds scholarships for worthy students majoring in computer science. The award, based on academic excellence, is granted to students for use in their sophomore, junior, or senior year. Recipients are chosen by a committee. No application process is required.

* Students who would like to be considered for scholarships that identify financial need as a criteria will need to complete the Federal Financial Aid Application before the March 1 deadline. Academic and Non-Academic Departments offering scholarships collaborate with the Financial Aid Office, therefore, it is imperative that students comply with PSU policy. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further assistance.