1. Sally Boland Memorial Scholarship*
  2. Dow Family Trust Annual Scholarship
  3. Mary Rita Hyde '62 Memorial English Scholarship
  4. Clara Keezer Birch and Ruth Birch Marzec '48 Scholarship
  5. Meg Petersen Endowed Scholarship *
  6. Walter and Dorothy Peterson Annual Scholarship in English *
  7. Carole Anne Soucie Memorial Scholarship *

Sally Boland Memorial Scholarship*

This endowment honors the memory of Professor Sally Boland. Over the span of 28 years she taught and contributed to many progressive initiatives and became a prominent leader on campus. Sally’s commitment and passion for her work is a quality of character that will long inspire those who worked with her.

The purpose of this endowed fund is to provide a scholarship to a full time English major or minor. The recipient will be of sophomore or junior status who goes beyond the boundaries of the discipline in pursuing one or more of these areas; environmental issues, writing (especially poetry), women and gender issues, or educational experience via travel. Members of the English department will conduct the award recipient selection.

Dow Family Trust Annual Scholarship

The purpose of the annually funded Dow Family Trust Scholarship is to provide a scholarship to a student majoring in English.  This award is funded by the Dow Family Trust of the Lakes Region Charitable Foundation.  Faculty members of the English department select the recipient.

Mary Rita Hyde ’62 Memorial English Scholarship

The Mary Rita Hyde ‘62 Memorial English Scholarship is to honor the contributions of Rita Hyde and to memorialize her life through a scholarship. The scholarship shall be awarded based on demonstrated financial need to a full-time English major planning to become an English teacher who will be at least a junior in standing for the academic year in which the scholarship is to be awarded, or to a current English teacher pursuing graduate education or certification; and who has an academic record demonstrating past success and promising future achievement.

Recipients shall be selected by a scholarship selection committee comprised of faculty and/or staff representatives of the English Department and the College of Graduate Studies.

Clara Keezer Birch and Ruth Birch Marzec ’48 Scholarship

The purpose of the Clara Keezer Birch and Ruth Birch Marzec ‘48 Scholarship Endowment is to support scholarships for students who have financial need, with a preference for those who live in Grafton County and/or who are majoring in elementary education or English education.  Recipients should be:  a sophomore or higher level; exhibit determination and dedication to college work; and are full time students, attending for a full year of study for the year in which the award is to be applied.  If the chosen recipient does not complete the year, the unused portion of the scholarship award will be returned to the fund payout account.

Meg Petersen Endowed Scholarship *

The purpose of the Meg Petersen Endowed Scholarship is to provide scholarships for deserving students at Plymouth State University who are seeking a bachelor’s degree in English education or a writing-related discipline and who demonstrate financial need.  In providing support for this purpose, the donors hope to encourage graduates to enter their chosen professions with a strong sense of writing as a priority for academic and career success.  Eligible students may be majoring in any discipline but preference shall be given to those majoring in English education and / or pursuing a career in the teaching of writing.  Eligible students also should demonstrate financial need. Recipients shall be known as Petersen Scholars.

Walter and Dorothy Peterson Annual Scholarship in English *

This annual award in the amount of $2,000 is directed toward students who demonstrate financial need, with preference for supporting students who are pursuing degrees in English education.  Recipients will be known as The Walter R. and Dorothy Peterson Scholars.

Carole Anne Soucie Memorial Scholarship *

The Carole Anne Soucie Memorial Scholarship Fund is established at Plymouth State College in December 1997 in order to honor the memory of Carole Anne Soucie (1977-1997).  Carole was born in Bangor, Maine, and she grew up in Wilton, Maine, graduating from Mount Blue High School.  She was seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a Writing Option at Plymouth State College at the time of her death in May, 1997.  During her time at Plymouth State College, Carole was an active participant in the Poets and Writers Anthology, Biederman’s Open Mic Night poetry readings, taking photographs for The Clock, coordinating writing for The Continuum, and coordinating the PSC Arts Day.  As a resident of Blair Hall’s wellness wing, Carole promoted living a healthy lifestyle.  She displayed an enjoyment for learning, an appreciation for music and the performing arts, and she was an active participant in extracurricular activities relating to the arts in general and writing.  Carole’s professors and classmates remember her as a self motivated, energetic, sincere and conscientious student and friend.

This endowment funds a scholarship to be given to one deserving English major who is pursuing either a Writing or Literature Option. To be considered for this award, the recipient must be at least a sophomore in the year the award is decided (to be awarded for the following academic year). The recipient should also demonstrate a commitment to writing and the arts, as Carole did, through his or her academic efforts and involvement in related extracurricular activities. In addition, the award will be made with preference given to a student who is: 1) enrolled full time; 2) in good academic standing; 3) a resident of one of the New England states; and 4) has financial need. Recipients are chosen by a committee. No application process is required.


* Students who would like to be considered for scholarships that identify financial need as a criteria will need to complete the Federal Financial Aid Application before the March 1 deadline. Academic and Non-Academic Departments offering scholarships collaborate with the Financial Aid Office, therefore, it is imperative that students comply with PSU policy. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further assistance.