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Anonymous (2)
Paul and Barbara J. Adams
Aleka Akrivlellis
David C. Almeda ’86
Joseph C. Amorosino ’61
David W. ’67 and Linda Goldsmith Anderson ’70 *
Paul J. Ardizzoni
Roger O. Babin ’74 and Kathryn Scalzo-Babin ’92
Clarence W. ’60, ’66 and M. Eugenia McKeever Bailey ’79 *
Everett W. Barnes Jr. ’65
Jeffrey C. Barton ’82 and Elyse Baney-Barton ’82
William and Christy Belvin
Patrick Bigg ’87
Richard A. ’75 and Judith Hessler Blood ’84 *
Ronald R. and Cynthia H. Blythe
Trent E. Boggess
Richard J. ’94 and Jennifer Brenner
Sylvia Bryant and David Bruno
Charles B. Caulkins ’85
Christopher C. and Heather F. Chabot
Tami-Lynne Chevalier ’90
Glenn A. and Mary L. Clark
Susan A. Clark ’89, ’02 and Donald E. Tencher and Family
The Class of 1961
Thomas A. Clough ’77 *
Kenneth B. ’78 and Jamie Burton Cody ’79 *
Peter S. Cofran ’74, ’88 *
Ronald W. ’62 and Priscilla Crowe *

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John L. ’67 and Kathleen M. Daly *
William A. and Linda S. Dauer ’10
George E. Davis ’63 *
Ruth Fowler DeCotis ’95, ’98
Virginia Brown Doherty ’48 *
John T. Downs
Joshua B. ’03 and Jill Lempicki Egan ’99
George U. and Audrey A. Epstein
Eugene D. and Barbara Brennan Fahey ’77 *
George G. Faran ’84
Mark J. Fischler
Michael L. and Reine Fischler ’79
Michelle A. Fistek
Suzanne M. Fitzgerald ’95
James M. Fortune ’66 and Peggy Houseworth
Thomas P. Frizzell ’67 *
James L. and Donna-Belle Garvin
Thomas L. and Sharon A. Hayes
Viking A. and Kathleen W. Hedberg
Lance D. Hill ’95
Eric G. and Darcy J. Hoffman
Paul T. Hogan ’79, ’88 *
Jay B. Holland
Paul J. Jr. and Anna Grace Holloway
Robin F. Hudnut
Edward M. and Marguerite Jeffs
Richard P. Jones ’69 *

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Walter Kelly ’80 *
William D. Kietzman
Jeffrey S. ’87 and Linda Essenberg Kipperman ’92
Peter H. ’62 and Sylvia Weldon Kramer ’61
Tobey R. ’74 and Lucy A. Leske *
Lisa Carafa Lewis ’98
Eleanor Morehouse Loesch ’65 *
John H. ’61, ’66 and Judith Freese Ludgate ’61 *

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Edward R. and Phyllis Repp MacKay ’80
John A. ’70 and Lisa Mainguy
Carla J. Maslakowski ’00
Louise Samaha McCormack ’72 *
Duncan C. and Shirley K. McDougall ’94
Jeffrey C. ’91 and Linda Sargent Meade ’92
Robert S. Miller
Michael I. Moffett ’78, ’89 *
John H. Moody
Daniel P. Moore
Rebecca S. and Timothy T. More
William K. and Sherry A. Nelson
Lorna D. Oberg
Stephen Onuparik
Theodore J. ’60 and Marlene Newton Parker ’63
Heidi E. Pettigrew ’99, ’07 and Paula A. Currie

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Craig A. ’04 and Marisa Paradise Russell ’06
Andrea Bergeron Sbona ’81
John E. and Susan W. Scheinman
Craig A. Souza ’87
Larry T. and Eleanor A. Spencer
Joseph G. ’63 and Marilyn Krieger Stearns ’71
Henry B. and Alison Stebbins
Barry and Sandy Sullivan
Daniel J. ’83 and Patricia Donnelly Sullivan ’82
John H. Tucker ’87
Vladimir ’04 and Cynthia W. Vascak
Kenneth Wheeler Jr.
Darryll K. White ’82
Robert W. ’72 and Marcia Clough Whiting ’72 *
Richard E. ’63 and Mary Bateman Wylie ’64 *
Harold David Zehr and BJ Foster-Zehr


Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls.  If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, Office of University Advancement, at, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.