Memorial gifts are a meaningful way to honor a family member, pay tribute to a friend, or commemorate someone who was an inspiration. From July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013, Plymouth State received gifts in memory of:

Matthew A. Adey ’07
Frederick P. Arold
Paul E. Arold
Madie Ward Barrett
Hunter Baney Barton
Maureen Shine Bateman’64
Mark E. Bates ’75
Sally Boland
Robert L. Boyd
Lydia Briggs
Elaine Vaillant Brown ’68
Matthew S. Budrow ’05
Marion Gould Callender ’47
Armando and Maria Campanella
Joseph L. Clark Sr.
Marie Connelly
Marie Fagnant Cope ’87
Normand Cote
Raymond Creteau
Mary Rose Brassard Crowley
Barbara Smith Dearborn ’60
Lionel E. DeLacey ’52
Terry deSousa
Thomas Dion ’85
Missy Dumaine Dougherty
John H. Dow
Sheldon W. Dow
Karl Drerup
J. Philip Duguay
R. Stephen Eastman ’71
Dorothy and James Flate
Richard H. Gerken
Brennan C. Hart ’85
Beatrice Hodgdon
James J. Hogan
Lillian Greenwood Hogan ’36
Peter F. Hutchins Sr.
Mary Rita Hyde ’62
Elizabeth Jackman ’75
John W. Keach ’62
Janet Sanford Kelliher
George Koehler
Herbert H. Lamson
Anita S. Lansang-Millora
Janine S. Lavoie ’76
Earl G. Legacy
John M. Loughlin ’86
Frank and Generosa Manfredi
Pamela Marrapese
Dennise M. Maslakowski
Robert McAllister
John V. Miller
Roland Monson
Michelle L. Morse ’05
Sharon Rebecca Parish
Robert W. Pettigrew
Madeline E. Plant
Carol Ann Ragonese ’96
Robert H. and Juliet B. Rand
Artelia P. and Olan B. Ray
Gary K. Richey
O. B. Rosenblum
Eugene A. Savage ’58
Graham M. Scheinman
Thomas O. Schlesinger
Nancy Bailey Snyder ’63
Carole Anne Soucie
Dayton M. Spaulding
Forrest Martin and Opal Marie Steen
William L. Taylor
Jason J. Tuscano
John K. Walsh
Emma Yeaton Wheeler ’36
Joseph E. White ’68
Roi M. White
Bo Wiblyi
John M. Wiblyi Sr.
Kevin W. Young ’04
Harold and Martha Zehr

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, University Advancement Office, at, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.