Seeing Plymouth State through the Eyes of a Parent

By Nancy Grant ’92, PSUAA Board of Directors

Nancy Grant '92 (middle) and her children

I’ll never forget my first experience visiting Plymouth State as a senior in high school. My dad and I made the seven-and-a-half hour drive from Western NY, soaking up the scenery and contemplating if the journey would be worthwhile. As mile markers turned into signs about frost heaves and moose crossings, we reached exit 25 on a beautiful New England day with the music of Spring Fling in the air. I knew immediately that I’d arrived at my new home. Twenty-five years and countless commutes later, I recently made the trip to Plymouth again; however, this time I was in the driver’s seat and my daughter, Amanda, a senior in high school was my co-pilot.

On a whim, Amanda decided she wanted to join me on a trip to campus for an Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting (I’ve served on the board since 2008). We visited campus and took a tour, and, for the first time, I saw Plymouth State through the eyes of a parent. It was no longer about how things used to be, but more about what Plymouth is today. Having attended many college visits this year, I was impressed. More importantly, Amanda was too. I could see it in her eyes.

I can’t imagine a more nurturing, encompassing, and amazing college experience for my daughter. And, I couldn’t be more proud of or confident in her choice to make Plymouth her new home away from home too.