Gene Martin ’09

Hometown: Manchester, NH
Degree(s): B.A in Political Science
Class Year: 2009


Current or previous employer and a brief professional summary:

I currently work as the Democratic Caucus Director in the New Hampshire Senate. In this role, I serve as an adviser to the Senate Democratic Leader and Democratic Senators on matters of communications, legislative strategy, and a wide variety of public policy issues. I also work closely with the Governor’s office, House leaders, and agency heads to move forward priority legislation or initiatives. I most recently served as the Executive Director of the Committee to Elect House Democrats. Prior to that, I served as the Political & Field Director at the New Hampshire Democratic Party and as a Legislative Aide in the NH State Senate.

Why did you choose Plymouth State?

I like to say Plymouth State choose me, because there is something that is just so special about the PSU, and you feel it the moment you step foot on campus. There’s a sense of community that I didn’t feel on my other campus tours.

How did your Plymouth State education prepare you for your career?

My degree in political science give me the background needed for my career working in politics, but it was my leadership positions in student government, residence life, and in community service organizations that helped me take lessons learned in the classroom and put them into practice. Serving in those roles helped me learn important lessons of building relationships, effectively implementing programs, and thinking on my feet.

How do you spend your “free” time?

When we do get free time, Erin and I spent most of it out traveling to different parts of New Hampshire and New England.

What inspired you to serve on the PSUAA Board of Directors?

I had a life changing experience as Plymouth State. That experience really made me who I am today and when I saw the opportunity to serve on the Alumni Board I couldn’t pass it up. This was a great chance to give back to the institution that gave some much to me.

What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the PSUAA Board of Directors?

As board member, I have been particularly focused on bring more alumni together. We have an alumni network of a little over 30,000 people. Being able to make those connections to help them in their careers or maybe because they moved to a new place – chances are there’s an alum that lives close by.

Why is it important for alumni to stay connected with Plymouth State?

As Plymouth State Alumni, we should all be actively connected with our alma mater to serve an advocate for the University – from encouraging current high school students to apply to PSU, being a mentor to current students, or giving back financially to support student scholarship funds.

Favorite book, movie, or TV Show?

Anything Sherlock Holmes, I could read those books over and never get bored. A favorite TV Show is tough, it’s always hard to pick, but I’m been really loving The Blacklist, this season, so I’ll go with that.