George Davis ’63

George Davis

George E. Davis earned his Bachelor of Education in Physical Education from Plymouth State in 1963. George recalls the association with fellow students and the interaction with the faculty as highlights in his college career. He was a member of the tennis team and continues to play to this day.

After graduating, George spent 33 years at UMass Lowell as head coach of the men’s and women’s track and cross country teams. George was actively involved with volunteer service, dedicating time to coach high school basketball at Pinkerton Academy, and advising the St. Anselm cross country program. He also took time to coach individual track and road-racing athletes, and worked to improve disadvantaged children’s lives through financing and mentoring.

For almost three years, George worked as a security officer and special consultant for a prison-based drug and rehab program. The program was designed to test the benefits and strategies of work done within rehab. George’s experience was informative and enlightening, and he grew a new appreciation for the classic Elvis Presley song, Jailhouse Rock. “I feel like I made a difference in the prisoners’ lives, and I hope I did,” said George. “My college friends would probably say they’d have expected me to be in jail before I’d be working in one!”

George is happily retired and living in Manchester with his wife and high school sweetheart, Jean. In the future, George’s only wish is to shoot his age in golf!

Manchester, NH
Term Ending: 2013