Leslie Kingsley ’07

Hometown: Halifax, VT
Degree(s): B.S. in Finance
Class Year(s): 2007


Current or previous employer and a brief professional summary:

I currently work as an Assistant Director in the Center for Professional Development at Dartmouth College. In this role I take on on many experiential learning projects and programs in collaboration with campus constituencies. I also provide programming and advising to students on their internship/job searches and serve as the pre-law coordinator. This is my sixth year working in college career services with prior experience in student advising, career programming, fellowship advising and employer relations at Colby College, Ohio University and Denison University.

Why did you choose Plymouth State?

The sense of community was the most prominent factor in my decision to attend Plymouth State. I knew this was a place that I could easily call home for four years. Further, the wide range of strong academic programs, student activities/community service opportunities and location were surely attractive in my choice to attend Plymouth State.

How did your Plymouth State education prepare you for your career?

While my academics were focused in business and finance I had the opportunity to take a wide range of courses that expanded her knowledge and competencies.  As a student leader in student government, community service and admissions I became interested in a career in students affairs and later career services. Through her undergraduate involvement, I developed key leadership skills that have supported her career in student affairs and career development.

How do you spend your “free” time?

I enjoy spending time with my two year old very active black lab, being outside as much as possible whether that’s skiing, snowshoeing or hiking and following New England sports.

What inspired you to serve on the PSUAA Board of Directors?

My experience as a student at Plymouth was extremely positive and enriching; the opportunity to give back to an institution I care so much about was extremely important to me once I returned to New England after completing my graduate work. With that, I wanted the opportunity to support the mission of the institution and Alumni Association and to actively engage my peers and fellow alumni.

What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the PSUAA Board of Directors?

An overall goal as a member of the Board of Directors is to get more alumni actively involved in giving back to Plymouth. Two particular goals include increasing young alumni involvement through a Young Alumni Advisory group and engaging alumni through career mentoring in a Career Services Advisory group.

Why is it important for alumni to stay connected with Plymouth State?

As alumni we should all stay actively connected with Plymouth and serve as advocates for the institution whether that is through encouraging current high school students to apply to Plymouth, provide mentoring to current students or giving back financially to support student scholarship funds.

Favorite book, movie, or TV Show?

I’m a big fan of HGTV shows!