Mike Gratton ’95

Hometown:  Merrimack, NH
Degree:   Bachelors in Psychology
Class Year:  1995


Current or previous employer and a brief professional summary:

I am currently employed with Skillsoft for the past ten years, spending the last 3 as Director of Human Resource Operations. Prior to that I held a variety of Human Resource roles with Axcelis Technologies, Babson College, and The Vantage Group.

Why did you choose Plymouth State?

My journey to PSU was unconventional. I like to say I didn’t choose Plymouth, Plymouth chose me. However, I am the first to admit that I couldn’t imagine having gone to any other school.

How did your Plymouth State education prepare you for your career?

Small class size and close contact with my advisor allowed me to tailor my classes to split them between psychology and business courses to develop a concentration in Industrial and Organization Psychology. This background has served me well in my variety of HR roles.

How do you spend your “free” time?

My wife and I like to spend as much time as possible traveling, preferably by cruise ship.

What inspired you to serve on the PSUAA Board of Directors?

I felt I was at a point in my career where my experience could provide an opportunity to give back to the PSU community. As a member of the PSUAA Board of Directors, I hope I can use my Human Resources experience as an “employer” to bring a unique perspective to PSU’s Career Services Program and further enhance the students and alumni in their own career development and employment opportunities.

Why is it important for alumni to stay connected with Plymouth State?

Staying connected and being part of a “community” is important for both alumni and PSU. Alumni can interact and reconnect with past acquaintances and share common interests. They also act as a cheerleader that can vouch for what is unique and special about PSU.

Favorite book, movie, or TV Show?

The Shawshank Redemption