Updated 3/31/2014 –

Lorraine Avery Johnstone ’55 sends this update from the Class of 1955:

“I’d like to send a big thanks to friends and family who called and sent cards as I recovered from knee replacement. All seems to be going well.

Barbara Spaulding Woodbury ’55 is still enjoying the leisure of assisted living. I heard from Fran Purrington Paul ’55 and both Fran and George are doing well.

Arlene Parent Welch ’55 is still enjoying her condo in Dover. Arlene reports that Nat Bergeron Wheaton ’55 is well and enjoying retirement with her husband.

Jan Stewart Knowles ’54 will leave soon for Florida. Her sister, Ellie, and husband, Tom Volpe, are doing well.

It was good to have a day with El ’55 and Alfa Bourey ’54 as they traveled through New Hampshire for their annual visit to Bar Harbor.

A big Happy New Year to all of you. Wish we could have another of our great reunions as in the past!”

Updated – 8/15/2013 –

Class Agent Lorraine Avery Johnstone ’55 reports: 

“It was good to hear from Barbara Spaulding Woodbury recently. She is still enjoying her retirement home living. She recently lost her pet bird, but says he had a long life for that type of bird. I see Arlene Parent Welch often at retired teachers meetings. She is doing well with her hip. She recently got to see Beverly Ashley Zampieri and reports that Bev looks well and happy. Arlene and I had lunch recently with Ann Woodward Kaiser and Jan Stewart Knowles ’54. Everyone was doing well, and we had many good laughs. Jan Knowles ’54 is looking forward to a trip to PEI to visit her son.

We were sad to learn of the passing of Joyce (Philbrick) McDonald ’56 who started out in our class. We remember her cheerfulness and good organization. Our sympathy goes to her family. We also learned of the passing of Pearl (Pantelakos) Collins in California. We remember her beautiful smile and lovely singing. Our sympathy to her family. In a recent note I learned that Alfa Bowers Bourey ’54 had a bad misstep and a fall resulting in facial injury. Get well soon, Alfa, and come east to see us in September.”


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