Jonathan Albertini

Jonathan Albertini ’02
BS in Geography

At Plymouth State, Jonathan Albertini ’02 studied to become a geographer, a degree which has served him well as a senior GIS analyst for Hannaford. “I work in the site location research department to help our company find new store locations,” says Albertini. He chose Plymouth State because of the unique character, the feel of the campus, and its location.

During his college experience, Albertini met his future wife, Susan Argereow ’02, who was pursuing her degree in childhood studies. “We married in 2004 in York, Maine, and have two wonderful children,” says Albertini. “Norah in 2006 and Ben in 2009.” Albertini earned his master’s degree in geographic information from Northeastern University in May 2011 – a milestone in his career as a geographer.

Albertini says he felt honored to be named as a Top Graduating Senior. “It gave me a sense of pride [to know] my four years of hard work was well recognized.”

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