Second Annual Meeting of the NFHERN

May 10th, 2010 by CfRP

NFHERN Second Annual Meeting

Please join us for this gathering of academic, community, and private sector leaders to explore the role of higher education in the vitality of rural communities from the Adirondacks to Nova Scotia. This two day event will focus upon two themes: Connections and Curriculum. The ‘Connections’ discussion will explore strategies for higher education institutions to play an active role in regional development initiatives such as the Northern Borders Commission and the Sustainable Economies Initiative. A key feature of the ‘Curriculum’ discussion will be the Northern Forest Studies Program, a distributed undergraduate education program developed by Sterling College in partnership with the Northern Forest Higher Education Resource Network.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 5:00pm
Mountain View Grand Resort, Whitefield, New Hampshire
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NFHERN Roadtrip!

Roadtrip! It’s time to dust off the IPod (or CD player or tape deck) and play some Journey (any song will do) and head off into Northern New Hampshire for the Northern Forest Higher Education Resource Network’s second annual meeting. We have several engaging programs and excellent speakers so we know you’ll have a good time at the Mountain View Grand, but as they say, half the fun is getting there! So on your way up (or way back) here are some quick stops featuring some of the best that the Grand North has to offer.

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