Norma Wilkinson Memorial Award


Established in 1954, the Women’s Athletic Association set up this award in memory of a student who died in a tragic fire in Laconia. Her death shocked the College and community. ┬áThis award was created to honor her memory and commitment to higher learning. The award has been given annually to the top senior female at Plymouth State University.

Any gaps in the yearly award winners are due to missing official records. Please contact Jennifer Smith at if you have information regarding the missing years.

Past winners:

2016 Cassidy M. Spencer
2015 Victoria Lynn Weltlich
2014 Ava E. Tyler
2013 Alexandria Casale
2012 Alyssa Mira
2011 Meredith Gagnon
2010 Chantal B. Cote
2009 Amanda R. Parshley
2008 Sara E. Noyes
2007 Diane E. Saunders
2006 Krystina J. Hajduczek
2005 Karina Pipes
2004 Brandice Bobusia
2003 Jessica Orf
2002 Sarah Miller
2001 Liza Drury Tallaritar
2000 Shirley Glines
1999 Kerri Casella
1998 Leslie Allsion Shortell
1997 Melissa Bednarowski
1996 Barbara L. Doane
1995 Jeannemarie Ackerman
1994 Kara Bednarowski
1993 Jennifer Lynn Larochet
1992 Jennifer L. Lundgren
1991 Traci Anne Walker
1990 Carol Minutti
1954 Janet G. Stewart