Faculty Welfare Committee

Minutes & Agendas

Meeting Times

2nd Fridays at 3:30

Current Membership and Terms

Mark Fischler    T2009-12
Daniel Lee    T2010-13
John Kulig    T2010-13
Anne Lebreche     T2008-11
Terry Downs    T2009-12
Sheryl Shirley    T2008-11
Nick Sevigney  (non-voting new fac)    A2010-11
__________ (adjunct rep)    T2010-11
Elaine Doell, consultant
Steve Taksar, consultant

Featured in Plymouth Magazine

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Teaming Up for Service

There’s more to PSU’s student-athletes than excellent grades and athletic prowess. There’s a desire to make a difference in the world. Plymouth State men’s hockey coach Craig Russell ’09 encourages his team to serve as often as possible. Through the nonprofit organization Team IMPACT, which pairs children with life-threatening or chronic illness with local college […]

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Faculty Forum: Filiz Otucu on Democracy and the Middle East

Filiz Otucu is a professor of political science and specializes in international relations, Middle Eastern politics, and the United Nations. A native of Turkey, she earned her MA at the University of Central Oklahoma, and her PhD from the University of Kentucky. Otucu teaches courses on politics and conflict in the Middle East, terrorism and […]