Painting En Plein Air

May 18th, 2016 by Linda

Instructor: Kathi Smith
July 25 – 29
Monday, Tuesday Wednesday & Friday 9am-4:30pm; Thursday, July 28: 8am – 7:00pm (Extended Day)
Cost: $465 + $35 materials fee
Location: Draper and Maynard room 316 (Art Education Room)
This course will offer students the opportunity to have a concentrated experience working en plein air in the New Hampshire landscape. Working from life, students will articulate and render their local surroundings in the medium of their choice: watercolor, acrylic paint, ink and drawing materials.   Demonstrations and individual instruction in a variety of mediums can and will be personalized to the student, and for those students just starting, daily demonstrations in watercolor and drawing will be the focus.  No experience is necessary.. Locations will include some of the different environments New Hampshire has to offer, mountains, woods, lakes, streams, and neighborhoods.

Students will rely on driving and carpooling and meet most often at the location we plan to work. The instructor will offer methods of working and discussion, as well as provide relevant reading material and resources, including books and slide presentations for further study.  This will be a studio-based course involving creative production, research, exploration of media, and the development of a coherent body of work. Open to participants at all levels of experience.

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Studio Printmaking and Painting

May 10th, 2016 by Linda

Instructor: Annette Mitchell
Dates: Monday, July 11 – Thursday, July 21
Time: 9 a.m. – 1:10 p.m.
Cost: $365 plus $35 materials fee (stipends for visiting artists and supplies)
Location: Draper & Maynard rooms 201 & 202

Creative methods for printing and painting with water-based media will be presented and explored through daily demonstrations and discussions. This course will offer students with diverse backgrounds and interests new methods for further personal discovery. Individuals will be encouraged to create artwork that expresses their own particular vision while enjoying the support and resources of a community of artists.


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