Plymouth State University
Beginning Ice Skating
Course Syllabus

Course Number:      PE 1910    Instructor:      Barbara Adams
Course Meeting:      MWF, 11:15-12:05    Email:
Location:      ALLWell Ice Arena    Credit:      1, Pass/No Pass

Course Description:

An activity course which is designed to be fun and acquaint the student with the fundamentals of ice skating, covering the basic skills of safety, equipment, forward and backward skating, one and two foot glides, stroking, forward and backward crossovers, stops and beginning turns.  Skates are not provided; rental is available for $20 for the duration of the course. (Rental fee covers class-time only.)

Learning objectives:  Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1.    To demonstrate the fundamental skills of ice skating.
2.    To feel comfortable in an ice-based activity.
3.    To promote ice skating as a means for staying active.

Evaluation:  In order to pass this class, the student must:

1.    Participate in class.
2.    Attend all classes.  The student may have 2 unexcused absences.
3.    Wear proper attire.


Week 1-2     Proper Skate Fitting, How to Fall, Forward/Backward Skating, Stopping
Week 3-4     Circles, Swizzles, Slalom, Team Games
Week 5-6     Edges, Forward Crossovers, Spins, Team Games
Week 7-8     Turns, Backward Crossovers, Team Skating, Team Games

Attendance Policy:

Grading Policy:  Pass or No Pass, determined by attendance and participation.

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