ENDI 2230 Creating Arguments

This course challenges students to explore creating, reading, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting arguments. Argument is at the heart of many salient things we value: communication, scholarship, community, politics, relationships, the law. Classical scholars pointed out how argument leads to the creation of new ideas and new interpretations of existing ones. Students will study all aspects of argument including invention--another discovery from classical rhetorical scholarship. Argument is also about ambiguity, aesthetics, imagination, organizing information and thinking in new ways. This course is not simply about winning arguments: students will also learn the value of argument for proposal, negotiation, reconciliation, and reflection. Ultimately, argument is most useful not necessarily for changing someone else's mind but for changing our own on an issue of apparent conviction.

This is a General Education CREATIVE THOUGHT DIRECTION COURSE: (The following quoted from The General Education Handbook, PSU, 2005.)