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BU5530 - Multinational Marketing

Credits: 3

Post W.W.II, the trend toward freer trade and accelerating technological change, has been altering the world’s economic landscape via the process of globalization. The recent drift toward regionalism (e.g., unifying European and North American markets), the collapse and subsequent restructuring of many of the world’s national economies such as in the Soviet and Eastern European economies, have served as massive economic experiments. Global recession and recovery have been studies to glean what has worked and what has failed in each of these examples yielding critical information for future marketing strategies. This course is designed to introduce some of the key issues of these international events that can be incorporated into multinational marketing. This class will focus on issues involved in marketing products and services across national boundaries. Culture, economic arrangements, technical standards, currency movements, language, religion, ideology, politics, distance and conflicting interpretations of national and global interests combine to complicate the administration of marketing’s familiar 4-Ps cross-nationally. This course uses a combination of lectures, global marketing cases, discussion, and mini projects to examine specific issues currently involved in multinational marketing strategies. Prerequisite: BU 5700.