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CE5320 - The Web-Enhanced Classroom

Credits: 3

The Web-Enhanced Classroom is a six week course that uses technology to enhance traditional face-to-face (f2f) instruction. Online material is viewed as an extension of the classroom, and traditional lectures or classroom activities are linked with enhancements such as virtual tours, WebQuests, real-time information, maps, pictures, streaming video, audio clips, and open source course components. Web-extended classrooms allow learning to happen in an interesting and exciting way. This course provides teachers with the opportunity to develop a complete unit of study for a web-extended classroom and view other units created by peers. The unit of study is developed using the internet and includes information about open source portal components, while the educator learns how to efficiently and effectively search the web for resources. The topic for the unit of study is of the educator’s choice; some resources will be provided through virtual tours of websites.