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CO5430 - Assessment and Consultation

Credits: 3
This course is repeatable.

This course will help the student understand and interpret the principles of assessing students with and without disabilities. It includes valid evaluations and their use in eligibility determination, development of individualized education plans and monitoring student progress. Standardized and non-standardized assessment techniques will be discussed in detail, including some state and national assessments. The range of assessments include: intellectual functioning, interest inventories, achievement tests, aptitude tests, objective and projective personality assessments and non-test techniques such as observations and self-reporting. There will be a special emphasis placed upon the role of the counselor as a consultant to staff and colleagues in schools and other agency settings. Discussion of federal and state rules and regulations as they apply to the rights and ethical responsibilities of the professional and the population served by the professional. Special consideration will be given to the treatment of minority populations and children with disabilities in the assessment and consultation process and in the inclusive educational environment. Prerequisite: CO 5010.