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EL5100 - Assessing Children's Growth and Development

Credits: 3

Provides the pre-service elementary education classroom teacher with knowledge of theories of children’s growth and development for the purpose of building capacity for developmentally appropriate decision-making (‘habit of mind’) throughout the career. Examines the characteristics and needs of children, and the multiple interacting influences and the interrelated domains of development – physical, cognitive, social, emotional, linguistic, and aesthetic. Reviews child development knowledge base, research, and theoretical perspectives. Introduces a multitude of means for assessing children’s growth and development in schools, including, but not limited to: observation and record keeping, informal and formal classroom assessments, district-wide standardized test data, interviews with families and/or caregivers, children’s self-assessment, and testing done to determine the presence or absence—and nature of—an “educationally handicapping condition”, as defined by federal special education law. Requires ten (10) field hours of observation, teaching, or interview.