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ESP5060 - Ecological Economics: Theory and Application

Credits: 3

Ecological Economics (EE) is not a traditional discipline. Often referred to as a “transdiscipline” because it crosses the boundaries of several subjects, many say that ecological economics is the science of sustainability. In this introductory, graduate level course we will explore EE as a young and evolving field of inquiry. Standard and non-standard economic concepts will be explained along with ecological understanding to describe the challenges that arise in coupled natural-human systems. We will use problem and solution based inquiry to test out some of the methods advocated by ecological economists. This will include participatory research on ecosystem services in local communities. Specific topics to be covered may include: Abiotic and biotic resources; supply and demand; market failures; economic growth and human well-being; policy instruments; efficient allocation of resources; pricing and valuation of non-market goods; ecological economics case studies around biodiversity.