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IN5400 - Imagination, Creativity and Innovation

Credits: 3

Understanding the Imagination, Creativity and Innovation Continuum and its place in education and the work place, plays an increasingly important role in the success of learner and workers in our society. The ability to imagine or to conceive of something new, leading to the creation of new realities and possibilities that advance current practice in our classrooms, businesses and organizations in new and innovative ways is an essential skill set needed in the 21st century. Whether in a classroom of learners, a non-profit organization or the boardroom of a major corporation, imagination, creativity and innovation are an essential component of success, leading to increased engagement, ownership and vision in all that human beings touch. This course is an exploration of the important role imagination, creativity and innovation play in our everyday lives, seeking to demystify and honor the creative process, unlocking the power of possibility in each one of us.