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NR3052 - Clinical Applications of Patient-Centered Care

Credits: 4

Introduces clinical skills as a foundation of nursing practice. Focuses on clinical and technical skills basic to the practice of nursing across the lifespan. Introduces students to the holistic care of clients, beginning clinical decision-making, and foundational therapeutic nursing interventions requiring the use of various medical technologies. Correct use of technology is required to provide safe and effective care. Includes nursing process, documentation utilizing a computerized medical record, therapeutic communication skills, aseptic technique, and medication administration as well as other fundamental nursing and technical skills. Pass/No Pass. Additional course fee required. Springs. Prerequisite(s): NR 3010; minimum grade of B- in all prerequisite courses and NR 3010; minimum 2.67 cumulative GPA; Pre-Licensure Nursing majors only.

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.