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RL5014 - Reading, Writing, & Literature

Credits: 3

This course is designed as an active and reflective experience of reading and process writing. Students will be immersed in literature and process writing as they develop a portfolio of their own work as lifelong readers and writers. They will review theory and practice regarding process writing, writing to learn, and writing across the curriculum. They will work in the format of the reading/writing connection to explore a range of non-print and print genres, including but not limited to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, fantasy, timed writing to a prompt and multicultural literature. Further topics to be examined in this course are the development of practical classroom applications of creating a literate environment, supporting the reading/writing connection in the classroom, exploration of the question `what makes good writing’, assessment in the reading/writing workshop, the mechanical aspects of writing, and the needs of diverse learners. This course is recommended for students in the Reading and Writing masters’ program and the certification Program, as well as for any other students who teach reading and writing in the elementary, middle, and secondary schools.