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SY6710 - Practicum II: Integration and Case Studies

Credits: 3

Practicum II: Integration and Case Studies involves 50 hours at a field site under the supervision of a certified school psychologist. It is intended for candidates to develop a comprehensive and holistic perspective that combines early intervention, prevention, counseling, assessment, consultation, community resources, and systems interventions as they relate to individual case studies. Candidates will follow two or more children encompassing the entire special education process from the pre-referral stage to placement progress monitoring, and documenting the entire sequence including the extent to which those children have demonstrated specific measurable outcomes. An on-campus seminar will be given for candidates to discuss their experiences during the steps of their case studies and to supplement their practicum experience with related readings and discussion. This practicum will accommodate both models of special education identification (traditional assessment and response to intervention). Candidates will also present videos of their consultation skills and demonstrate knowledge of the ability to plan, coordinate and implement a psychological services delivery model within a school setting that includes assessment, pre-referral problem solving, crisis intervention, mental health intervention, functional skill training, collaboration, consultation, referral and counseling. Candidates should arrange their practicum placement six months prior to the beginning of the course to ensure a full semester experience.