2015 Faculty Exhibit: Objects that Inspire

September 2nd, 2015 by Jong-Yoon

2015 Faculty Exhibit: Objects that Inspire

September 2-26
Opening Reception Tuesday Sept. 8, 4-6pm


PSU Art professors dig into their artistic intent and personal process of making by choosing an “object” to pair with their artworks.

What inspires an artist? How do the concepts that inspire artwork evolve over time? Is there a trigger or a significant object that either inspires, is part of the art making process, and/or subsequently seems to have a relationship with the work?

For this year’s Faculty Exhibit, professors were asked to dig into their artistic intent and personal process of making by choosing an “object” to pair with their artworks. The goal of the exhibit will be to create a visual conversation about idea generation through the artwork and object each faculty member chooses. This exhibition twist will evoke new questions and hopefully new ideas for faculty, students, and the community at large. “Object” can be loosely translated. Anything from a photo or a rock to a scrap of paper or an apple (etc.) is fair game. Objects can be serious or playful in nature.

Gallery Talk – BFA Studio Art Thesis Students

April 28th, 2015 by Jong-Yoon
BFA Studio Art Thesis Students
present their

Stacy Howe: Visiting Artist

April 22nd, 2015 by Jong-Yoon


BFA 2015 Thesis Show: Studio Art & Graphic Design

April 22nd, 2015 by Jong-Yoon

April 20 – May 15, 2015

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio Art (KDAG)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition celebrates students graduating from PSU’s intense, highly focused professional programs.  Throughout the year, studio art majors delve into personal themes, motifs, and media to achieve a mature body of work, culminating in the selection of work featured in the Karl Drerup Art Gallery.

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design (SCA)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition celebrates students graduating from PSU’s intense, highly focused professional programs. The Silver Center for the Arts features graphic design majors’ work to create and define a fictitious company and to spend the year producing a broad range of applications including logos, stationery, advertisements, posters, pamphlets, and publications.

Gallery Talk – Pam Anneser

March 30th, 2015 by Jong-Yoon

Pam Anneser: Design Discoveries in Portugal

Gallery Talk tomorrow (Tuesday) in KDAG

March 31, 4pm

Pam will talk briefly (approx.15-20mins) and show images about her recent trip this summer to Portugal to participate in an intensive two-week graphic design course, and her discoveries from the experience.

Pam’s hope is that sharing her experience will inspire others to investigate the potential for personal artistic growth through artist residencies and intensive courses.

Annual Juried Student Exhibition

March 23rd, 2015 by Jong-Yoon

March 24 – April 11, 2015
Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 24, 4-6pm


Iron Artist

February 2nd, 2015 by Jong-Yoon


Thursday, February 5 at 5pm

A Spring semester kick off event for all PSU ART students!! Required for first year students, strongly encouraged for all.

Come be part of your ART community!

 There will be:

  • Department FYI discussion relating to Graphic Design, Art Education, Studio Arts and Art History
  • Discussions with faculty and upper level students in the programs
  • Opportunity to claim your major (or even talk to somebody about what you’re thinking of majoring in)
  • FREE PIZZA to cap off the event.
  • PLUS the first Annual IRON ARTIST Competition  

IRON ARTIST will be a fast paced event pitting two teams combining faculty and students who will compete against each other to create “masterpieces” in a limited time. Both teams will be given art materials, tools and one unknown secret medium and then challenged to create a work of art that best expresses the competition’s theme. The completed works are critiqued by a panel of art faculty and student experts to crown one team of IrOn ArTiSTs.

There will be boxes outside the KDAG for people to supply materials that will be used in the event so make sure to drop off that Pokemon figure, bowling trophy, or red hot glue refills. We all collect items that we think “Hey I’m going to use that in a piece I’ll make someday!!” that then sit in a box until you remember you have the item. So look through that junk drawer or pull out that object and add it to the challenge!!


Did you notice PIZZA will be provided!

Student Art Show – Courtney Minnehan

January 30th, 2015 by Jong-Yoon

Courtney Minnehan
original prints for sale (now open through Feb 7th)

January 31st, 4pm – 6pm
Meet and Greet with the artist
Demos by the artist, live music, food and beverages

The Roaster Room • 18 Six Flags Rd., Campton, NH


Transcendence of Trees: Memorials & Maquettes by Emile Birch

January 30th, 2015 by Jong-Yoon

February 2 -March 5. 

Opening Reception: February 3, 4-6pm.

The veneration of trees is an ancient and ongoing human endeavor.  Throughout history, the sacred tree has personified our understanding of life, death, knowledge and liberty.  Emile Birch is a leading New Hampshire teaching artist and professional sculptor whose public artworks have been commissioned by many businesses and communities throughout the state.  The sculptures in this body of work explore the  spiritual nature of living tress and their transformation when cut and felled.  This colorful and kinetic exhibit is filled with ancient and new symbolism integrated into mesmerizing designs.

2014 PSU Faculty Exhibit opening reception TODAY!

September 10th, 2014 by Jong-Yoon



September 3-October 2, 2014

Opening Reception TODAY

September 10, 4-6pm

Light refreshments will be served!

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2015 Faculty Exhibit: Objects that Inspire

Gallery Talk – BFA Studio Art Thesis Students

Stacy Howe: Visiting Artist

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