BA Degree in Art/Painting Option

2D Program Mission Statement

The 2D program is committed to providing a positive environment in which a broad range of artistic viewpoints can flourish. We believe in building a solid foundation of perceptual, technical and theoretical knowledge in order for students to be prepared to successfully pursue their direction of choice. Combining a sound foundation with experimentation and risk-taking is vital for the skilled artist of the future. Exposure to a variety of traditional and contemporary approaches to art making is necessary for students to make informed choices when developing individual visual ideas and directions. The faculty prides itself on nurturing diversity, independent thinking and assisting students in their search for a personal artistic vision.

The painting program has a strong commitment to instilling fundamentals and sound painting practices. A logical progression of complexity of issues, both technical and conceptual, is explored throughout the painting curriculum, where the primary focus is to prepare students to become confident, self-reliant, independent artists.

Students enrolled in any of the art degree programs are required to take an introductory level course in painting, Painting I. Should students choose to concentrate their studies in painting, there are several options. B.F.A. with a major in painting, B.A. with a major in painting or B.S. in art education with painting as the studio area concentration. Students with a non-studio major can also take painting as a minor.

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