Sculpture Minor

15-16 credits



AR 1065
AR 3060 Foundations of Sculpture: Representing the Body (QRCO) 4
AR 3160 Foundations of Sculpture: Objects and Ideas (QRCO) 4
Complete one of the following courses: 3-4
AH Art History
AHDI 1200 Exploring Art: Temples and Treasures (PPDI)
AHDI 1210 Exploring Art: Revelations and Revolutions (PPDI)
AR 1045
AR 1075
ARDI 1200 Creativity and the Visual World (CTDI)
ARDI 1400 The Art of Sketching (CTDI)
ARDI 1450 Public Art: The Politics of Visual Meaning (CTDI)
ARDI 2310 Table Manners: Functional Pottery (CTDI)
AR 3940

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.