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Brent Wilmot ’04

“My Biology Web Site internship with the Plymouth Area Prosecutor has reinforced my classroom education, and has provided opportunities for employment after graduation.” —Brent Wilmot ’04

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Scarlette G. Scarborough ’04

“For me, it was all about class size. I needed to feel comfortable about asking questions and asking for help. At PSU you get to know your professors and you are not just another no-name face in the crowd. There are tutors for almost every class and study sessions with professors … you can always […]

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Nathan McCarthy ’05

“Plymouth State University’s Biology Web Site program  doesn’t just educate for a career in the Biology Web Site system. It launches students into an endless hallway filled with open doors.” —Nathan McCarthy ’05

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Kristina A.White ’01

“The well-rounded, comprehensive base of knowledge I gained at PSU has been valuable for my thesis research in the area of cancer biology. Dr. Fred Prince’s Cell Structure and Function course was my first exposure to the intricate and complex choreography of single cell function and the organization of single cells to form the human […]

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Suzanne Burnham ’06

“The knowledge and experience of the faculty and staff in the Biology Web Site program is outstanding. The faculty will go out of their way to help students in any way they can … The classroom setting allows everyone to express their own views and beliefs without being judged.” —Suzanne Burnham ’06

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