BU 3290 - Professional Selling Skills II
Credits: 3
Builds on the basics of BU 3280. The primary focus is on the B-2-B selling environment. This sales process is more strategic in nature with multiple buyers and a much longer sales cycle (6 months to 2 years versus the B-2-C sales cycle of 1 to 14 days). Skills development focuses on the sales team environment, negations, and expanding on the skills learned in the Introduction of Professional Selling Skills 1 (PSS 1). Topics expand on the concepts of Customer Relationship Management and the CRM technology to effectively manage this more complex process. Learning tools include work groups and case studies. Students also have several practical business projects. For example, students, in pairs of 2, sell a business concept to actual companies in NH, under the supervision of their instructor, as part of the sales process. Students also gain exposure to purchasing agents, their specific trade associations and designations. Falls and Springs. Prerequisite(s): BU 3280.

*All course information is from the 2013-2014 Catalog.