Economics Minor

15 or 18 credits

The minor in Economics is defined by a sequence of five or six courses that provide students with a substantive overview of the various fields in economics. The courses are taken in two groups, as outlined below.



Group I
Courses listed in this group are the primary component of the student's exploration of the field of economics. When possible, the courses should be taken in the order suggested.
Complete either EC 2000 or (EC 2550 and EC 2560) 3 or 6
EC 2000 Survey of Modern Economics
EC 2550 Macroeconomics (GACO)
EC 2560 Microeconomics
Complete one of the following: 3
EC 3510 Intermediate Macroeconomics
EC 3520 Intermediate Microeconomics
EC 4460 Money and Banking 3
Group II
Courses listed in this group are the second component of the student's exploration of the field of economics. The student must complete two of the following: 6
BU 3550 Investment Principles
EC 3480 Development of Economic Thought
EC 3510 Intermediate Macroeconomics (if not selected above)
EC 3520 Intermediate Microeconomics (if not selected above)
EC 3580 Managerial Statistics
EC 3600 Public Finance
EC 4090 Current Topics in Economics
EC 4440 International Economics
EC 4610 International Finance and Economic Policy
EC 4910 Independent Study
HIDI 2310 American Economic Development (PPDI)
WS 4010 Women and the Economy

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.


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