CJ 4580 - Internship in Criminal Justice
Credits: 1-15
This course is repeatable
An opportunity to learn while gaining relevant work experience in a host organization. The primary objective is to expand n the student?s depth of understanding by integrating acquired principles within the context of an operating organization. Students observe and participate in activities to gain experience and an understanding of the role of the institution and its contribution to the overall criminal justice effort. The experience contributes to personal and professional development and an enhancement of self-confidence and maturity. The internship is a supervised assignment with planned objectives and a prescribed number of working hours for which academic credit is earned. Internships are arranged to meet the specific goals of the student and are reserved for the student who has demonstrated self-discipline, motivation and academic success. Open to Junior and Seniors who have completed the appropriate courses to justify the position. Repeatable for a maximum of 15 credits. Arranged. Prerequisite(s): (Junior or Senior status) and permission of the faculty supervisor.

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.