Media Studies Minor

15 credits

Increasingly today, a thorough understanding of media offerings and their effects is essential for people who work in the fields of anthropology, art, business, education, information technology, the performing arts, political science, psychology, sociology, and related areas. Accordingly, the Media Studies minor offers students in-depth exploration of the history, theory, criticism, and effects of media offerings of all kinds.



CM 2770 Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies (TECO) 3
CM 3710 Film and Identity Politics (DICO) 3
Complete nine credits selected from three of the following courses (at least one of these courses must be at the 3000/4000 level): 9
CMDI 2010 Outlaws, Delinquents, and Other "Deviants" in Film and Society (SSDI)
CMDI 2020 Sex and Cinema in the 20th Century (and Beyond) (PPDI)
CM 2910 Human Communication and Conflict
CM 3480 Global Perspectives in the Media (GACO)
CM 3500 Media Effects
CM 3640 Communication Theory (WRCO)
CM 3700 Media as Popular Culture
CM 3710 Film and Identity Politics (DICO)
CM 3800 Analyzing Television (INCO)
CM 3910 Topics in Media Studies

*All course information is from the 2013-2014 Catalog.