Course Rotation(PDF)

2 Credits Without A Lab
Course # Title Offered
CS2470   Systems Programming in C/C++ Spring
3 Credits Without A Lab
Course # Title Offered
CS1100   Introduction to Computers Every Semester
CS1170   Computing Technology in Criminal Justice Every Semester
CSDI 1200   Web Expressions Every Semester
CSDI 1300   Digital Media Creation Every Semester
CSDI 1400   Computers: Past, Present and Future Fall
CSDI 1500   Computers: Fact, Fiction, Fantasy and Film Every Semester
CS2080   Visual Basic Fall
CS2400   Scientific Programming Spring
CS3020   Web Programming Fall
CS3240   Data Communication and Computer Networks Fall
CS3440   Multimedia Spring Even Years
CS3500   Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Fall Odd Years
CS3700   Computer Graphics Spring Even Years
CS3720   Systems Analysis and Design Spring
CS3780   Introduction to Computational Theory Fall
CS3820   Human-Computer Interaction Spring Odd Years
CS4140   Software Engineering Fall
CS4220   System Administration Fall
CS4250   Computer Architecture Fall
CS4310   Operating Systems Spring
CS4420   Computer Security Spring
CS4520   CyberEthics Fall
CS4750   Senior Project Every Semester
CS4910   Independent Study Every Semester
CS4920   Computer Science Internship Every Semester
3 Credits With A Lab
Course # Title Offered
CS2010   Fundamentals of Computing Every Semester
CS2220   Computer Hardware Spring
4 Credits Without A Lab
Course # Title Offered
CS3221   Algorithm Analysis Spring
CS3600   Database Management Systems Fall
4 Credits With A Lab
Course # Title Offered
CS2370   Programming in Java Spring
CS2381   Data Structures and Intermediate Programming Fall
CS4400   Computer Networks and Protocols Spring


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