ER 4290 - Primary Grade Practicum
Credits: 6
Emphasizes gaining experience and expertise in co-planning and co-teaching culturally relevant curriculum aligned to Common Core and district specific standards, providing opportunities for family engagement, using appropriate assessments to inform instruction and curriculum, and engaging in self-reflective practice. Reinforces how research and theory support children?s academic and social success in public schools. Requires 2.5 days per week practicum experience in one classroom in one of the Early Childhood Studies Professional Development District or Partnerships Schools. This is the first half of an intensive year-long apprenticeship. Students are required to arrange their own transportation to the practicum placement. Falls. Prerequisite(s): ER 3700 and RL 3500. Corequisite(s): ER 4250.

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.