SE 3090 - Introduction to Special Education: Middle and Secondary
Credits: 3

Provides teachers and other social service professionals with the understanding and skill to work effectively with children with disabilities in integrated settings. Emphasis is placed upon the disabilities most prevalent in society, such as learning disabilities, behavior and emotional disorders and cognitive impairments. Other forms of disabilities to be discussed include sensory, neurological and musculoskeletal. Competencies to be presented and discussed are consistent with International Council for Exceptional Children standards and include: historical, philosophical and legal foundations of special education, characteristics of individuals with disabilities, communication and collaborative efforts among professionals, understanding professionalism and ethical practices in special education. An observation component is integral to this course. This course is designed for K-12 Teacher Certification and Middle School majors only. The course is not intended for majors in the Early Childhood Studies or Elementary Education and Childhood Studies Departments. Falls and Springs.

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.