Credits: 3
Advanced Study in Literature and Film. In medieval Europe, saints embodied the threshold between heaven and earth, life and death, and spiritual and physical realms. Examines medieval Christian concepts of death, martyrdom, and sanctity to understand the social, cultural, and political significance of devotional practices. Studies the genre of saints? lives (hagiography) as well as iconography, relic devotion, pilgrimage, church architecture, shrines, stained glass, liturgy, and miracle stories. Explores the development of the cult of the saints, the relationship between the believer and the saint, aesthetic and didactic elements of saints? lives, the differentiation of miracles from witchcraft, and the impact of saints? lives on later genres. May be taken as HI 4015. Prerequisite(s): Junior status. (INCO)(WRCO)

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.