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Professor of 20th Century British Literature; Department Chair, English

BA, University of Michigan - Flint; MA. PhD, University of Cincinnati

Phone: 603-535-2683

Office Ellen Reed 15

Anyone familiar with Ann McClellan knows she is proud of her Midwestern heritage (Go Blue!) and a dedicated Anglophile. Specializing in Twentieth century British literature, especially the novel and women writers, Ann’s work explores the complex relationships between literature and culture, with research ranging from fictional representations of British women intellectuals to her current project on fan culture and the popularity of Sherlock Holmes. Her classes explore questions of literary value and canonicity, the interconnectedness of history and text, with an emphasis on literary theory. Her goal: to lift the veil that often obscures the strategies and skills underlying literary analysis to teach students how to think, speak, and write about texts in interesting and sophisticated ways. She serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Fandom Studies and the History of Intellectual Culture. You can follow her on Twitter @annmcclellan.

Selected Publications

“The Newness of George Newnes: Tit-Bits, New Journalism, and Early Sherlock Holmes Fandom.” Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures—special issue on Sherlock Holmes Fandom. (March 2017). (forthcoming)

“‘All that Matters is the Work’: Text and Adaptation in Sherlock.” Sherlock Holmes in Context. Ed. Sam Naidu. NY: Palgrave MacMillan, 2017. DOI: 10.1057/978-1-137-55595-3. ISBN 978-1-137-55594-6.

“Slashing University Education: Women’s Campus Fiction in Thatcher’s Britain.” Literature & History 25.2 (November 2016). doi:10.1177/0306197316667859.

“‘I was my War; My War was I’: Vera Brittain, Autobiography, and University Fiction during the Great War.” Paedagogica Historica. 52.1-2 (2016): 1-16.

“From Happy Homes to Contaminating Cloisters: Women’s University Communities in Interwar Britain.” Women in Higher Education, 1850-1970: International Perspectives. Eds. E. Lisa Panayotidis and Paul Stortz. NY: Routledge, 2015. 210-27.

“Redefining ‘Genderswap’ Fan Fiction: A Sherlock Case Study.” Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures. 17 (September 2014).

“A Case of Identity: Role Playing, Social Media, and BBC Sherlock.” The Journal of Fandom Studies 1.2 (2013): 139-57.

“Black Women in Ivory Towers: Race, Gender, and Class in British Campus Fiction.” History of Intellectual Culture. 10.1 (2012/13).

How British Women Writers Transformed the Campus Novel: Virginia Woolf, Dorothy L. Sayers, Margaret Drabble, Anita Brookner, Jeanette Winterson. New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2012.

“The Gentleman’s Gentleman: The Butler as Simulacra in The Remains of the Day.” S(t)imulated Realities: The Hyperreal in Popular Culture. Ed. Robin DeRosa. Lanham, MD: Lexington Press, 2011. 59-68.

“University Women in Frances Marshall’s Fiction.” English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920. 52.3 (2010): 331-49.

Selected Presentations

Tit-Bits, New Journalism, and Early Sherlock Holmes Fandom. Annual Fan Studies Network Conference. University of East Anglia, UK. June 2016.

Queering Sherlock’s World: Slash, Fan Fiction, and World Building. 45th Annual PCA/ACA National Conference, March 2016.

Out of this World: Sherlock, World Building, and Alternate Universe Fan Fiction. 44th Annual PCA/ACA National Conference, April 2015.

Transmedia Sherlock: Exclusive and Inclusive Models of Appropriation. European Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. London, UK. July 2014.

V. Brittain v. Britain: University Women, Autobiography, and Fiction during the Great War. International Standing Committee on the History of Education Conference. London, UK. July 2014.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: BBC Sherlock and Real Person Fiction. 43rd Annual PCA/ACA National Conference. April 2014.

“All that Matters is the WORK”: A Barthesian Approach to Adaptation and Appropriation in BBC Sherlock. New Directions in Sherlock Conference. University College London, April 2014.

A Scandal in Feminism: Sherlock’s Women—Feminist Backlash and Feminist Response. 43rd Annual PCA/ACA National Conference. March, 2013.

Vampires, Bullocks, and Lesbians, Oh My! The Spectre of the University Woman in Interwar Britain. Canadian History of Education Association Conference. Vancouver, BC. October, 2012.

Awards and Recognition

Award for Distinguished Scholarship, 2016

Award for Excellence in Faculty Service, 2016

Summer Visiting Faculty Fellowship, Richmond, the American International University, London, 2016

Distinguished Academic Advising Award, Plymouth State University, 2015

Theo Kalikow Award, Plymouth State University, 2010

Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation Research Grant, 2006

Courses Taught

EN2500 – Studies in English

EN3320 – Literature into Film

EN3510 – Currents in Global Literature

EN3621 – Currents in British Literature II

EN3690 – Critical Theory

EN4150 – Digitalit: Storytelling in the Digital Age

ENDI1350 – Twice-Told Tales


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