Credits: 3
Students join a PSU science education faculty member and Four Corners Outdoor School staff during spring break in March to learn about bio, geo-regional outdoor education on the Colorado Plateau, originally funded by the National Science Foundation. Spend 3 days rafting on the San Juan River in southeastern Utah, learning the concepts behind, skills needed and techniques to train teachers and students in bio, geo-regional outdoor education. Explore the middle section of the San Juan River, from Bluff to Mexican Hat, which has unique geologic formations and a rich cultural history with Ancestral Puebloan ruins and rock art. The next 3 days students are assigned to intern with 1 of the Regional Coordinators for the Bioregional Outdoor Education Program (BOEP) in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico or Arizona. Students visit diverse, cross-cultural elementary schools (with Hopi, Navajo, Ute, Mormon and/or Spanish students) to observe and assist with implementing the BOEP project. The final day and a half is spent visiting regional southwest National Parks focusing on unique geological and management issues. PSU students peer teach and assist in classrooms on implementing bio-regional outdoor education curricular initiatives. PSU students also publish reflections, following a structured rubric, about their experiences on a travel blog site created for the course at http://fourcorners.blogs.plymouth. Additional costs for travel, lodging, meals, fees, and supplies. Spring of odd years.

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.