Credits: 3
This is a multi-disciplinary marine education methods course that integrates economic, cultural, historical, and ecosystem considerations for learning about the marine environment. The goal is to help educators increase public understanding of critical NH marine and coastal issues. Special attention will be given to stewardship education of marine resources. Concepts of sustainable harvesting and participatory management will be emphasized. Fieldtrips to visit marine research and education facilities on the coast will be a critical component. Dynamic, interactive web resources, including virtual fieldtrips, will also be identified. A culminating component of the course will be organizing and advertising a community-based family marine activity night sponsored by the course participants. This event will provide enrolled University students with firsthand experience in implementing and evaluating hands-on marine science learning for youth, parents, teachers, and other interested environmental educators. All materials will be aligned with national and international education standards across disciplines, including standards in environmental literacy and technology.

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.