PE 2850 - Wellness Choices for a Healthy, Active Lifestyle
Credits: 3
Designed to encourage personal awareness and responsibility for optimal health across all dimensions of wellness focusing on the role of physical activity and healthy behaviors. Through weekly lectures, assigned readings, in-class discussions and group activities, and practical application of content, students develop a personal philosophy of wellness, examine wellness attitudes, and develop wellness knowledge and skills necessary for optimal health and personal well-being. Specific topics include an introduction to wellness and fitness, health behavior change, aerobic and muscular fitness, flexibility and back health, exercise-related injuries, wellness diet and energy nutrition, body composition and weight management, body image and ideals, psychological wellness, stress, health and fitness consumerism, addictive behavior, sexual behaviors and communicable disease, as well as chronic disease. Laboratory experiences utilize behavior change strategies to promote behavioral choices that lead to a healthy, active lifestyle across the lifespan. Falls and Springs. (WECO)

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.