PE 3300 - Women and Sport Cultures
Credits: 3
Focuses on the influence of sport, a gendered institution, on women's identity from a cultural, psychosocial, and political perspective. Additionally, students explore how influential women can be in redefining sport and how significant an inclusive definition might be to women's physicality in terms of self-conceptions, participatory behaviors, and values. Sport is broadly defined to include exercise, physical activity, and gaming behaviors. Creates a learning community that facilitates personal growth through knowledge sharing, using a variety of information sources and class discussions. The learning experience is enhanced through the organization and implementation of a research project, which aims to answer a question of interest to students. May be taken as WS 3300. Unscheduled. Prerequisite(s): Junior status. (DICO)(WECO)

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.