Health Minor

16.5 credits

This minor program is intended for one’s personal growth, development and “wellness.”



HE 2500 First Aid and CPR/AED 1.5
PE 2850 Wellness Choices for a Healthy, Active Lifestyle (WECO) 3
Content Courses - complete four of the following: 12
HE 2900 Disease, Safety, and Environment (WECO)
HE 3200 Stress Management (WECO)
HE 3210 Mental Health Issues (WECO)
HE 3220 Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living (TECO)
HE 3700 Drug Behavior (WECO)
HE 3710 Sex and Family Living Education
HE 4100 Women's Health Issues (WECO)
PE 4010 Exercise and Health Psychology (INCO)

*All course information is from the 2015-2016 Catalog.