Sport Physiology Minor

20 credits

The minor in Sport Physiology is designed to provide students with advanced preparation in physiological processes in the human organism relative to exercise and sport performance. The minor consists of advanced coursework in sport physiology, involving students in theoretical and practical application of knowledge. This minor attracts students with academic preparation in athletic training. Students considering graduate study in physiological sciences, advanced athletic training or careers in exercise and/or sport performance would benefit from this minor.



AT 3400
PE 3570
PE 3580
PE 3760
PE 4520
PE 4770
PE 4780

The prerequisites for the courses in this minor can be found in the course descriptions outlined in this Catalog. Prerequisites include: [(BI 1110 and BI 1120) or (BI 2110 and BI 2130)], BI 2120, BI 2140, (PE 3260 or PE 3750).

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.