HI 3115 - Early American Society to 1776
Credits: 3
US Group. During the colonial period, the colonists developed an amazingly diverse American culture and society. Though thought to be a 'virgin' land, when Spanish, English and French settlers arrived, they found Native American inhabitants already here. Dutch, Irish, Germans, Scotch-Irish and, forcibly, Africans followed. Influenced by both the cultural baggage this mixed society brought with it and the new circumstances in which settlers found themselves, the colonists in America became a new type society. Focuses on the work of historians who study colonial society and the development of American culture. Using primary documents and historical monographs and articles, students study and critique the methodologies used by various types of historians (cultural, social, political, environmental and intellectual) to develop their own theories of cultural development. Fall of even years. (DICO)(WRCO)

*All course information is from the 2016-2017 Catalog.