PY 3210 - Comparing World Religions
Credits: 3
Meant for students who wish to compare and contrast the major religious traditions of the world. Students read original texts from various religions. Each tradition is given equal weight during the reading, writing and class discussion. Students become familiar with figures of world religions. Deals with the resulting social behavior, artistic expression and concepts of the sacred, from Christianity and Judaism to Islam and Buddhism. Special attention is given to international and culturally diversifying implications of each tradition. Students are expected to write on a religious tradition during the semester and develop that writing to a full paper by the end of that semester. A student may elect to compare 2 different religious faiths and/or their religious expressions (literature, arts, etc.). The mid-semester test is on the basics of each world religion. Included as the major world religions are Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Toaism and Confucianism along with their scriptures/readings/literature and art. Prerequisite(s): Junior status.

*All course information is from the 2014-2015 Catalog.